Balenciaga vs. Nike

Balenciaga ~ Triple S Logo

I know the sneaker trend isn’t for everyone, but after spending hours on Pinterest during winter break, I found myself constantly searching for outfits inspired by sneakers. My top searches were ‘models off duty’ (don’t even judge), or ‘outfits with chunky sneakers.’ These searches gave me endless pictures of women in casual attire with these chunky sneakers as the main focal point of the outfit. The only problem was that Pinterest was catering to my high-end taste buds and showing me sneakers from Balenciaga – yes, the ones that look like socks – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and several other pricey designers. A girl could only DREAM of getting a pair of these, so I was on the hunt for a similar pair for less coins (balling on a budget). While I was searching for a cheaper dupe for these higher-end sneakers, I noticed the trend starting to grow among celebrities and the bloggers I follow on social media.

Hailey Bieber
Louis Vuitton ~ Archlight

When it comes to this sneaker trend, I look to celebrities like Hailey “Baldwin” Bieber or YouTube/Instagram influencers like Maggie MacDonald. I think what I find the most desirable about their style is that it’s very comfortable yet still chic. Hailey Bieber, of course, has the means to afford the higher-end pieces, but Maggie MacDonald has done a good job of finding and promoting more affordable brands. One brand that I rediscovered through Maggie was Champion. I kid you not, I’m obsessed with this new season of designs by Champion and even New Balance. I ended up finding two pairs of shoes that didn’t break the bank, but still gave me the look I desired. I wanted an all-white pair of shoes, so for Christmas my boyfriend designed an all-white pair of Nike Huaraches for me, with a pop of blush pink on the shoe’s tongue. The second pair that caught my attention were the Champion 93Eighteens. I saw Maggie talk about these in a favorites video and I fell in love with all the colors.  These sneakers were definitely out of my comfort zone, but I think that’s why I wanted them so badly. I was ready for something different in my closet. Both shoes are super comfy and I wouldn’t hesitate to pair them with anything in my closet; the all-white are very versatile and the multi-color sneakers can make any outfit 10x better. The 93Eighteen’s are a bit bulky, but the Huaraches are very sleek and flattering on the foot. 

Nike ~ Huarache
Champion ~ 93Eighteen

Typically, I would pair my Nike running shoes with yoga pants/leggings & a sweatshirt and call it a day, but this chunky-shoe-trend allows for pairing these sneakers with sweatpants/sweatshirt OR (my personal favorite) jeans and a cute sweater. I’ve been loving the oversized look lately so I would lean towards pairing these sneakers with high-waisted jeans and a simple top. When I’m wearing my Nike Huaraches or Champion 93Eighteens, I want the shoes to be the highlight of my outfits. I’m hoping this trend sticks around because wearing sneakers on the daily makes walking around campus a little better, especially when you can wear sneakers with a super cute outfit. Leave me a comment and tell me some trends that you’re loving for this upcoming season!


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