Spring Forward with Poshmark

I’m a little late on the Poshmark fad, but as we enter into the Spring season, I think this is a great app for refreshing your closet for less (balling on a budget pt.2). I’ve talked about Maggie MacDonald in a previous post, but she is the one that sparked my interest in downloading the Poshmark app. I was pleasantly surprised at the types of clothing, accessories, handbags, and other items that were up for grabs. What I like the most about Poshmark is that when you first create an account, it has you fill out a small questionnaire to get a feel for your style and the brands that you tend to shop. Once you choose all your favorite brands it personalizes your searches, so you instantly see what is being sold from your favorite brands. This is a second-hand clothing app, so I was thinking the quality of the stuff being sold wouldn’t be the best. I was wrong – this app is definitely legit, but you have to spend some time scrolling through all the stuff for sale and making sure the pictures give the item justice. I got a STEAL on this app, so I wanted to share it with the blog!

Kate Spade Domed Rose Floral Satchel
~my spring purse~

I LOVE purses, so my ‘Feed’ or ‘Shop’ pages had brands such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and etc. I didn’t expect to find anything when I first scrolled through the app, but then I found the PERFECT little black bag that could work as a transition purse through each season. I’m the type of girl that likes to make sure my bags go with each season, so I usually carry a bright color in the summer, brown/neutrals in the fall, black in the winter, and floral in the spring. Sometimes I struggle with those awkward in-between weeks when it’s not really winter anymore, but it’s not spring, so I don’t want to carry a floral print bag around just yet. I think black is a staple to have in your closet, whether that be clothing, shoes, or a purse, so when I found this black, Tory Burch bag, I couldn’t just not buy it. 

Tory Burch Micro Robinson Top Zip Tote

Poshmark has this super cool option where you can “make an offer” if you don’t think the original price is worth the item you’re interested in, so that’s what I did. The seller had great pictures of the bag and basically said that it was like brand new. The bag was originally priced at $425 (Tory Burch price) but was being sold for $175 on the app. I was able to get this bag off of the Poshmark app for $150! I realize that most people would never play anywhere near what I did for this bag, but for me, it was worth every penny. The buying/selling process is super easy too. Poshmark doesn’t charge you for your purchases until you’ve received the product to make sure it’s in the same condition the pictures and the seller advertised it as on the app. I loved being able to give this feedback before I authorized the purchase. Poshmark provides quick shipping and I had the purse in my possession within 3 days of ordering it. I absolutely love the bag, and it’s been great to use during this in-between time of winter and spring.

I will definitely be shopping more frequently on Poshmark. I’m thinking about going through my own closet and creating a shop to sell my stuff on the app too. I’ll link my profile and you can follow my closet. If you click the Poshmark app photo, it will take you to my profile and you can see what I’m interested in buying on the app and even make your own account!  If you click the picture of the Kate Spade Domed Rose Floral Satchel, it will take you to a Poshmark account that is currently selling the same bag for $150! If you have a Poshmark account, leave your shop name in the comments.


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