My spring shopping list

Hi, friends! Now that I’m finished with classes for the summer, I have been enjoying my time off before I start my summer job. I can’t believe I’ll be a senior in college next fall, but I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of my junior year than doing a complete cleanse of my bedroom. I feel like cleaning my room after each year of college is therapeutic for my soul. (lol. I might be dramatic, but it’s so true).

My first project was to go through my closet! I recently asked my instagram followers what topics they would like me to discuss and one person mentioned the idea of sustainable shopping. Although it’s cliché, the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” can apply to clothing. Everyone can admit to having clothes in their closet that they no longer wear, but can’t seem to get rid of. I highly recommend going through your clothes and creating piles of the things you want to keep, sell, and donate. I donated some of my clothes to a local second-hand store and then I’m going to be selling the other pieces on Poshmark.

After going through my closet, I felt like it needed some new & fresh pieces. So, I’ve put together a list of some spring clothing and accessories that I’m hoping to add to my closet this season and for the beginning of summer. There are a few trends that I’ve been loving, so maybe you’ll find some inpso for updating your closet this season! The best part about this list is that these products can be found on second-hand clothing apps like Poshmark or ThreadUp. If an item is sold out or too expensive, I think the best option is to check online or local thriftshops for something similar.

Wicker Purses

my wicker crossbody from Poshmark

I think this trend started towards the end of last summer, but now the wicker purse is super popular among high-end and lower-end brands. I was a semi-fan last year, but after seeing Kate Spade’s version of the wicker purse, I became obsessed! I love how this style of purse can add such a fun spring/summer vibe to any outfit. Unfortunately, my wallet couldn’t stand up to my taste buds for the Kate Spade purse, so I ended up finding my wicker purse on Poshmark. I think this style of purse runs at a pretty high price, so I was happy that I could find one on Poshmark for a reasonable amount. I’m super excited to wear this purse this spring and even more in the summer. 

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns

Nantucket Rose ~ KJP

My favorite part about the spring season is being able to start wearing patterns like gingham, floral, eyelet, and seersucker. I’ve been browsing a few stores online (J.Crew, francesca’s, Talbots, Forever21, Lulus, etc.) and I’m being drawn to sundresses this season. I follow the blogger, Sarah Vickers, and she was promoting a new gingham dress from Kiel James Patrick. It comes in a few different colors, but I’m in love with the hot pink gingham! I think this dress would look cute with a pair of Jack Rogers and my wicker purse from Poshmark.

Floral Tie-Sleeve Skater Dress ~ Lulus

Another look that I’m loving is pairing a casual spring dress with a pair of sneakers. I think a pair of dainty white sneakers would look cute with this floral print dress from Lulus. I like the idea that sundresses can be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with sneakers.

Daily Charm White Eyelet CropTop ~Lulus

Along with dresses, I think these patterns look good as shirts and bottoms. I’m loving the look of a fresh white eyelet patterned shirt paired with a colorful bottom for the spring. I found this shirt from Lulus and I think it will be nice for spring and summer. Once I get my summer tan started, I think white is going to be the color I gravitate towards for my tops, so that I can pair it with my patterned shorts. I mostly wear my seersucker shorts from Vineyard Vines or my scalloped edged shorts from J.Crew, because they don’t feel tight or uncomfortable like some denim shorts that I own.


I’ve also really been liking the look of tortoiseshell sunglasses. I’ve been wearing the same Ray Bans for the past two years, so I’m ready for something different this spring. I usually shop Ray-Ban sunglasses when I need a new pair, but I wasn’t interested in getting their traditional aviator shades. I found the pair I have pictured on Pinterest. I really like the frames and the gold detailing in the center. I follow the blogger, Abigail Widger, and she is usually photographed wearing a similar pair. Abby is actually modeling the hot pink gingham dress from KJP in the earlier picture I have linked and she can be seen wearing a pair of tortoiseshell glasses in that photo as well.


The last items on my shopping list are statement earrings. Statement earrings have definitely been popular within the last year, but I couldn’t commit to the trend. I’m usually always wearing pearls-bascially the complete opposite from the brightly colored earrings that I have seen at Target, J.Crew, francesca’s and literally any online store. Along with liking the bright tassel earrings, I have also been liking the look of small gold hoops. I just recently borrowed a pair from my mom and if she wouldn’t have noticed, I would have kept them for myself. I don’t think dangly earrings are a “game changer,” but I’m vibing with them right now. I’ll link some of my favorites below.

Drop Circle with Tassel Earrings – Universal Thread™ ~ Target

Addie Statement Tassel Earrings ~ francesca’s

I’m really excited to bring some color into my wardrobe this spring and summer. If you have any trends or places that you like to shop or thrift-shop, leave them in the comments below! Now that I’ve decluttered my closet, I can move on to creating a more relaxing and productive enviroment in my room.


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